Modular building manufacturing technology

We meet the expectations of the most demanding customers who appreciate high quality of finishing and solidity of used materials. Mobile Development offers modular houses fully finished and equipped. The modern design and functionality of our projects always lead to a phenomenal result.

Why should you choose our modular construction technology?

  • relatively low price of the facility in relation to traditional construction;
  • lightning-fast execution time – assembly of the ready facility takes ONLY 1 day;
  • mobility – thanks to the use of a solid core of self-supporting, rigidly welded structure and assembly system for transport, the modules can be safely moved any number of times;
  • logistics and transport to the place of destination which we always organise professionally and safely.

Modular house construction

Steel load-bearing structure, impregnated against corrosion, protected with galvanised sheet metal from below. Facilities are adapted to the most demanding areas in Poland in terms of load (wind and snow load). It has a dedicated assembly system for transport and unloading/loading.


1) Facade finish:
– Lindab® seam sheet
– Thermory® facade board
– Rockpanel® facade panel
2) Facade membrane/waterproofing
3) OSB/MFP 18mm board
Foam-filled layers 150 mm
4) Counterbattens 25mm
5) Open cell foam or closed cell foam
6) Steel frame C 100×50
7) Counterbattens 25mm
8) Vapour barrier (only in HEAT+ variant)
9) OSB board 12mm
10) G-K 12mm board
11) 8mm MDF floor panel
12) Underlay for panel 3mm
13) OSB 20mm
Foam-filled layers 160 mm
14) C-profile 12
15) Closed cell foam
16) Steel profile C 40 mm
17) Galvanised sheet

Windows and doors

  • Window and door joinery is manufactured on systems offering exceptionally low heat transfer coefficients.
  • We use large designer glazing, thanks to which the
    houses have a modern and luxurious character and the
    interiors become bright, functional, light and elegant.

The facade

The facade was made with the use of hidden assembly technique with carefully selected materials produced all over the world. Easy to keep clean, resistant to moisture and weather conditions. We leave you full freedom of choice in materials and colours of the elevation elements, internal walls and division of rooms.

dom modułowy dallas mobile development

Scandinavian wood cladding Thermory®

Thanks to special technological processes, the moisture content of the board is reduced to a minimum. It is free of any fungi, which makes it resistant to biodegradation for up to 25 years.


A facade cladding manufactured from a natural raw material - basalt rock. Characterised by resistance to moisture and temperature.

Seem sheet panels Lindab®

Traditional in appearance and modern in form, the panels are hand-bent from material from the Swedish manufacturer Lindab. They emphasise both the style and form of our houses and provide protection from unfriendly weather conditions.

Flat roofs

Elastomeric polyurea coating is a completely waterproof material. The material is highly resistant to weather conditions, bacteria, chemicals and mechanical shocks.


  • The ceilings of the facilities are covered with white, anti-reflective paint, which retains its properties for many years. 
  • The colour of the walls is the easiest way to give the interior character, to emphasise its assets and functions. 
  • The paints used by Mobile Development come from the best manufacturers and show long durability. The floor in the bathroom is finished with stoneware, in other rooms with floor panels. 
  • Electrical installation: 3 phase. Main switchboard, light fittings, switches for lighting, electrical sockets, one aerial and network point, installation for fan in bathroom.
  • Outside: two electric sockets, four lighting points with fittings. Ladder radiator in bathroom, 2 radiators in rooms. Underfloor heating: Infrared heating foil under floor panels and mat with heating cable under porcelain stoneware. 
  • Air conditioning: one indoor and one outdoor unit. 
  • Equipped bathroom: toilet bowl, cabinet with sink, mirror, shower, taps. 
  • Equipped kitchen: furniture (upper and lower cabinets, worktop), sink with mixer tap, extractor hood, fridge, 2-burner induction hob.

Logistics and transport

Homes are transported using transport companies. Oversized transport is piloted and secured, so that the home arrives safely at its destination.


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