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Modular offices are a modern and practical space created for modern business, which will perfectly fulfil the function of a traditional office space. The construction is based on a system of joining ready-made modules together, which allows to obtain a new work space for small companies in the form of an office container. Also noteworthy is the original design of the modular office, which perfectly matches the latest trends in construction and interior design. Modular construction is an excellent opportunity to create or modify office space.

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Today’s world is placing ever higher demands on modern business, and this also applies to premises – the office, the shop, the common area, our workplace. Mobile Development’s modular offices are characterized by top quality, premium materials, modern design and mobility. Working conditions in a modular office do not differ from a traditional office. It is a functional space, ideally suited to the client’s conditions. We will deliver the facilities using professional transport. We will adjust the size, finishing option and equipment to your current needs.

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    TOKYO modular office

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    MEMPHIS modular office

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    HELSINKI modular office

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    We design and manufacture Modular Buildings adapted to your needs.

    We are able to design and construct a safe modular building according to your wishes. And all this in accordance with building standards and sense of aesthetics. We leave you full freedom to choose the material and colours of the facade elements, internal walls and functions of rooms.

    Advantages of Modular Buildings

    Low price

    Modular construction is up to 40% cheaper than traditional construction.


    The building's construction has been designed with frequent relocation in mind. The buildings have dedicated transport systems.

    Comprehensive production

    We manufacture modular buildings from scratch and bring the fully finished product to the customer, ready to move in immediately.

    Financial help

    With the support of our leasing partners, your business will receive an easier and faster return on investment.


    We use materials of the highest quality for the construction of our buildings, thanks to which we can be sure that the objects produced by us will serve for many years.

    Short manufacture process

    Construction of the facility takes just a few weeks and the finished facility is assembled on site in 1 day.


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